Closure Event NRP 64 "Nanomaterials"Closure Event NRP 64 "Nanomaterials" NRP 64 Closure Event will be held at the Forum Fribourg on 2 June 2017.3/30/2017 10:00:00 PMClosure Event NRP 64 "Nanomaterials"
Researchers in Nanomedicine to meet in Basel at CLINAM congressResearchers in Nanomedicine to meet in Basel at CLINAM congress thenth European Congress for Nanomedicine CLINAM takes place in Basel on May 7 - 10 2017.3/30/2017 10:00:00 PMResearchers in Nanomedicine to meet in Basel at CLINAM congress
Expo Nano – Exhibition on NanotechnologiesExpo Nano – Exhibition on Nanotechnologies opens up unforeseen opportunities. But do they outweigh the associated risks?11/11/2015 11:00:00 PMExpo Nano – Exhibition on Nanotechnologies

The National Research Programme "Opportunities and Risks of Nanomaterials" (NRP 64) hopes to be able to bridge the gaps in our current knowledge on nanomaterials.

Opportunities and risks for human health and the environment in relation to the manufacture, use and disposal of synthetic nanomaterials need to be better understood. This programme exclusively studies synthetic nanomaterials.

Funding for NRP 64 is CHF 12 million, for years of research. Research work started in December 2010.

 Programme timetable

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